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How Much Does It Cost?

All calls are sold In blocks.  All blocks are priced in US Dollars.  There is a 5-minute minimum for all calls. Please note that blocks are to be used for that purchase only. Any unused minutes purchased are forfeited and cannot be carried over for any other call. Please note that all 20 minute blocks carry a price break.  There are no refunds of funds if a call cannot be completed due to unforeseeable circumstances on your end.

U.S. Prices - Single Girl
5 Minute Block:  $12.50
10 Minute Block:  $22.50
15 Minute Block:  $33.75
20 Minute Block:  $40.00
30 Minute Block:  $60.00
60 Minute Block:  $120.00
Canadian Prices - Single Girl
5 Minute Block:  $15.00
10 Minute Block: $27.50
15 Minute Block: $41.25
20 Minute Block: $50.00
30 Minute Block: $75.00
60 Minute Block: $150.00

How Do I Pay and What if I have an Issue?

We proudly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


All charges are discreetly billed to your credit/debit/gift card.  If you have any questions regarding a charge, you can direct any billing questions to the owner by e-mail at admin@angelcommunications.net.

Should you need to discuss another issue that is not related to your billing you may call us toll free at 1-888-870-9150 during regular business hours 9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST.  If there is no answer, please leave a message with your name and call back number.  A customer service representative will return your call shortly.

Is My Credit Card and Personal Information Confidential?

ABSOLUTELY! Your personal information is strictly confidential!

We do not share client information with each other. Therefore, each time you place a call you will be asked for your personal information.

Refund Policy

As stated above, all minutes purchased are non-refundable.  Any block of time purchased is for that purchase only.   Any unused minutes purchased are forfeited and cannot be carried over for any other call.   There are no refunds or credits of time if a call cannot be completed due to unforeseeable circumstances on your end.  Additionally, there are no refunds for any block of time purchased that has been completed.  Please purchase only the time you will need.  All sales are final after the operator has processed your credit card information.  Refunds are only issued in the case of a billing error.  If you feel you are entitled to a refund, please contact our customer service department at 888-870-9150 or send us an e-mail to the following address:  admin@angelcommunications.net.

How Do I Place A Call?

Our call back and direct dial service is open 24/7. Take a few moments to look over all the phone playmate choices. If you cannot decide, you can call a Dispatch Operator to help you with your choice.

Our operators will ask you the following questions:

First and last name on credit card.
Credit card number including the expiration date
Card verification value on back side of card.
Your billing Address where your statements are mailed to.
A billing phone number.
A contact phone number.
A call back number if applicable.
How much time you would like to purchase.

If you reach a Dispatch Operator, once your credit card is approved, we will have the phone playmate of your choice contact you within a few short minutes.

Please alert the Dispatcher if you cannot receive a call back. The Dispatcher will directly connect you to your phone playmate.

The date on your credit card bill may be delayed 5-10 days from the date of call, depending on your issuing bank.

Why Do You Need My Billing Address?

The credit card companies require us to verify your address as protection against credit card fraud.  It is to your benefit because it helps keep other people from using your credit card illegally.  We DO NOT send anything to your billing address.  Your privacy is very important to us and your address is used for billing verification only.

Why Do You Need My Phone Number?

NO we will NOT be calling you unless you have arranged a call back. Your phone number is required to match the phone records of the calls placed with the girls.  You will ONLY receive a call from our billing department if there is a problem with your card.  Since we will be asking you for your phone number DON'T BLOCK IT!  Neither our Dispatch Operators or Direct Dial Operators answer blocked calls.

What Can I Talk About?

The possibilities are endless! These girls are very open minded and will talk about most ANYTHING that you can imagine! Each girl lists things she is into. But if your topic is not listed, feel free to tell her about your fantasy as she will most likely be more than happy to talk to you about your fantasy. If uncertain, you can always send her an e-mail with any questions you may have.

When I Call the Toll Free Number, Where Am I Calling?

The toll free number you call will ring to either one of our Dispatch Operators or directly to the home of the phone playmate you have chosen.


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