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Hi, My name is Carmen and I have a dirty little secret to share. I am a married woman. My husband is a very important man in the community and well respected. I am a dutiful wife and stay at home making sure everything is just perfect — having dinner parties for his clients and being the good mother and hostess. And I also attend PTA meetings and tea with the other wives. All so neat and clean. But what no one knows about me is that when I get the free time I like to leave town telling hubby I am going on a church retreat for the weekend when secretly I go to dirty motels and rent a room. Once I have the key I get so hot I can hardly stand it! I rush to my room put on some porn and open the curtains wide so passerby’s can see in. I leave the door open a crack and lay on the bed masturbating for all to see just hoping someone will see the door ajar and come join me. So many times men walking by have entered my room and we have just had hot sex. I have had up to 3 at a time one in each of my holes mmmmm… After they were done using my body I laid there covered and dripping with cum. What an exiting feeling. Then I put on my apron and pearls and go home to my unsuspecting husband and kids. Do you have any dirty secrets to share? I am so ready to hear them.

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